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Vive le Minimalist's Journal

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13th March 2004

noodle38410:36pm: hummm...
hello people.
been watching this thing for a while (and by that i mean since it started) but no one's posted anything in about a year so i didn't bother joining. told myself i'd join if someone posted something before march 29 of this year and since someone has, here i am.
bye now.
Current Mood: blank

12th March 2004

nwat5:26pm: ummm...



*glances down*


*runs away*

29th March 2003

cadetdru2:23pm: New Format
I like it. Especially as it seems to be just temporary. And, it means Zole's putting up new stuff. Yay!

Life is so empty without DTE.
crustoonoo3:18am: New format? Ha! I do not approve.

4th January 2003

calamarimonster12:34pm: Hello, I have just joined your community.

That will be all.

15th December 2002

hortoneatsawho3:09am: Whoops
I meant *in* my life. Shit, I always forget words.
Current Mood: high
hortoneatsawho2:47am: Don't hate me.
Yeah, so, while reading all the dte strips, I realized something like this would give me gratification my life. Only Zole already did it. However, unscathed by that realization, I made a few dte strips of my own. After doing this, I further questioned: What's the point of this if there is nobody to read them? Then I remembered the community thing (actually I'm lying, I had it in mind all along). But then I decided it would be really obnoxious to impose on Zole's style like that. Only afterwards I got fuckin blazed and decided to come back down here and post them anyways.
Let me know what you think! Let out aaaaalllllll the criticism.

Death To The Extremist: Proposed Comic I

1: Will you help me run my errands?


2: Do I have a choice?
1: Let's ask my Tazer.


1: Ok, number 1: Acquire bank loan.
2: You take out the guard and cameras while I blow open and raid the vault.

1: These sandals aren't good for running.
2: You can get new ones once we get to Venezuela.

2: You can get a good deal there. Quality and just half the price of Payless pairs.
1: Alliteration! I called it!


1: How will I install my vinyl siding if I am in Venezuela?
2: Fuck me, I forgot to go for my morning jog!

Death To The Extremist: Proposed Comic II

1: That looks painful.
2: Care to try?








1: Yes.
2: Too bad.

Death To The Extremist: Proposed Comic III

1: Do you happen to know what the weather will be like tomorrow?
2: It will be raining ash.

2: Sweet, sweet ash.


1: Ok. Hold this. (*leaves*)


2: My arm is getting tired.

2: Wait...


2: I don't have arms.

Death To The Extremist: Proposed Comic IV

1: And that is why you are a slave to your petty materialism.


2: You condescending mofo.
1: Yeah, well, you should have ordered the fish. Like me.

1: Then we wouldn't even be in this situation. We'd be...over there.
2: What, off that cliff?

1: ...is that what that is?


1: Dammit, the fish is wearing off.
2: Yeah, well, you should've ordered the bushel of carrots. Like me.


1: Give me back my glasses!
2: No.
Current Mood: high

14th December 2002

hortoneatsawho6:32pm: Hoorah.
well this was fun. i hope nobody looks at me weird for joining. you know, since you guys are all friends and i'm just some random person who chanced upon the most cleverestest li'l nugget on the intranet four hours ago. and now i forgot why i joined. oh well. this has been a very progressive day at least.
Current Mood: hungry

30th October 2002

mia_d2:54pm: I just have to say: YAY

Also, zole is the coolest guy around.

19th October 2002

notemily3:13pm: I made a bunch of DTE user icons using single panels and scaling them down... anybody interested? (Not like you can't just make them for yourself, but I thought I'd offer.)

I'm tempted to use them all for myself, but that might get ridiculous.

(Example on this entry.)

17th September 2002

thraeryn2:41pm: Hi!
I thought I'd break down and join this community because no one else will bother to read DTE and trade inside jokes with me. And what, I ask you, is the internet for, if not the trading of inside jokes?

So, to kick things off:

"Your stick sucks."
Current Mood: pleased

9th August 2002

crustoonoo2:26am: I have decided to creat my own online comic. It will chronicle the life of a geeky girl who religiously follows the plots of several online comics. She also owns a poodle.


23rd July 2002

cl9:55am: I have joined, because my computer is now working, sort of.

Hi. I'm Acinde Foxx.
Current Mood: sleepy

11th July 2002

lotusabovewater8:44pm: I never did mention that nod-flishton is one of the coolest words I've learned in a long time.
lotusabovewater4:34pm: Question of the day:
If Death to the Extremist were a food, what dish would it be?
proletariat12:08am: and now, for a brief musical interlude

sometimes good guys don't wear white
...doodoo doodoo doodoo...

[if i can't sing along to guitars, what can i sing along to?!]

10th July 2002

crustoonoo3:28pm: I have a theory. "Waiting for Godot" is just an extended ripoff of DTE. True, "WfG" was written first, and is generally more widely recognised...but I swear to you, Beckett is stealing all of Zole's material....CONSPIRACY!!!
cadetdru1:51am: Hello.
Hi, my name's Arrianna. I wrote DTE 113, and my 'zine has at least one DTE in each issue.

I own the Tree Pen that you know as Stick.

I think this community is a cool idea. It will help further the DTE lj posse

Okay, bye.

9th July 2002

lotusabovewater10:50pm: Zole has knowledge of this community.
This pleases me. I am indeed pleased by the exponential growth in membership (because I shall pretend that it has been exponential rather than a growth by four). I am also pleased when new comics come out.
I am also also pleased when I act out a DTE strip and my friends laugh. I am displeased when my friends give me strange looks and pretend it never happened.
Actually, that can be fun too. Nevermind.

I'm hoping to fix the info page better, by adding more interests and maybe making a better "about" section. I'm open to suggestions.
proletariat11:41pm: why do all (6 or 7) of you keep replying to my post.
why don't you type your own.
why why.

and i have to sleep alone in my house tonight. that makes me so lonely. and frightened. i intend to never live alone. i also into to always live with someone who can cook. charming.
Current Mood: distressed

8th July 2002

vladimirapony won.

...that means i won.

Current Mood: victorious
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