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vladimirapony's Journal

Vive le Minimalist
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For some unknown reason, I created a community. I knew not what I would create a community for, and Death to the Extremist was suggested to me. And so it is. (Here is where one would look for an explanation of the journal's name, if one were looking for such things.)
What about Death to the Extremist will be covered? I do not know. I only know that this will be a vaguely orgiastic cult dedicated to a man named Zole.
Talk about DTE. Or don't talk about DTE. Talk about things like DTE. If you have a conversation with a toaster, and you think the conversation to be like DTE, go ahead. If you had a conversation with a rock that vaguely resembles Two, talk about it. I do not know. Maybe you know.
So, if you like DTE, join and be free. Tell your friends.
Violators will be prosecuted. Or worse (click).

In conclusion, do what you like.
Make with the funny.
1, 2, confusion, death to the extremist, deux, donut juice, fear of ponies, free-styling in iambic pentameter, glorp, m. zole, minimalism, omake theater, one, pie, popsicle stick art, principal-only iced tea, quarter circles, rock-ponies, the book of cake, two, un, vladimir, zole